Bernard Stritih, Miran Možina, Jože Ramovš

Introduction - Pg. 7


Bernard Stritih, Miran Možina

Autopoiesis: Processes of Self-organization and Self-help - Pg. 18

Anica Mikuš Kos

Journey to the Domain of American Life Called Phylantrophy - Pg. 74

Frane Adam

Action Research in the Light of Systemic Theory - Pg. 82

Jack Norell

Self-help and Self-organizational Aspects of Balint Group Movement - Pg. 90

Bernard Stritih, Miran Možina

Transscript of the second Balint Group Session on the Summer School with Systemic Theoretical Reflections - Pg. 98

Tine Hribar

Postmodernism in Slovenia - Pg. 118

Jože Ramovš

Social Immune System - Pg. 130

Marijke Rutten Saris

You Maybe not, but I Do: My Personal Growth through Self-organization and Self-help - Pg. 144

Ciril Klajnšček

Selfproduction as Concept, Project and Reflected Experience - Pg. 159

Miran Možina, Jože Ramovš

About Contacts with Centro Italiano di Solidarietà - Pg. 171

Don Mario Picchi

Why Are We Volunteers? - Pg. 180


Bernard Stritih in ostali

Camp as Complex Autopoietic System - Pg. 185

Ema Krejač

My Experiences in the Self-help Groups - Pg. 190

Žare Trušnovec, Zdenka Zalokar Divjak

Slovenian Mountain-camp for the Creative Life of Young People - Pg. 195

Jože Ramovš in ostali

Self-help Groups for Elderly - Pg. 199

Niko Arnerić

The Group "Šotorovci" - Pg. 201

Doris Erzar, Majda Golja

Self-help Group for Divorced - Pg. 205

Doris Erzar, Blanka Gašperlin

Adolescent - Marriage - Family in the Program of the Center of Social Work in Kranj - Pg. 207

Marta Vodeb Bonač

Voluntary Work of Young People - Pg. 211

Julijana Kristan

Self-help Group for Elderly - Pg. 224


Barbara Berden

With Children on the Summer School - Pg. 235

Vesna Cotič

My Summer School - Pg. 237

Julijana Kristan

I Participated on the Summer School - Pg. 238

Andrej Palir

Summer School from the Kitchen Perspective - Pg. 242

Darka Podmenik

Reminiscences - Pg. 243

Dušan Žagar

About Summer School - Pg. 246