Milko Poštrak

Dr. Rus on Social State and the Welfare Society - Pg. 5

Pavla Rapoša-Tajnšek

Perspectives of Social Work in Enterprises - Pg. 12

Social work in enterprises is at an important turning-point, of which it's further development depends. The separation of the economic and the social function doesn't mean that there could be no place for social work in enterprises any more. For successful business the human factor is of critical importance, so the development of quality of workers' life is a necessity. Social work contributes to the quality of workers' life through solving of personal and interpersonal problems of employees on the individual, group and organizational levels with social environment of an enterprise.

Marija Ovsenik, Jože Ovsenik

The Characteristics of Social Work in the Conditions of Enterpreunership - to the Horizons of New Culture (part 1) - Pg. 20

The striving of Slovenian social workers toward the preventive orientation is in accordance with the changes in the nature of social problems in this time. But the system of social work is from the organizational point of view - not ready for the new tasks. The knowledge base of organizational sciences could be helpful in these efforts. There is similarity between social work and enterpreneurship. The spirit of enterpreneurship could be helpful for social work too.

Alf Ronnby

Praxeology in Social Work - Pg. 30

Praxeology as a theory of action and knowledge is presented. The theory has been developed in the framework of thinking of praxis. According to the author praxeology could be the philosophical basis of social work, which is regarded as the practice of realizing of human potentialities, which are covered in reality. Compatible with the philosophy is "socialpedagogical" orientation in social work; the principles of the orientation are presented.

Franc Leskošek

Suicide in the Highland Region of Slovenia - Pg. 40

Comparative data about suicide in the highland region of Slovenia are presented, broken down by subregion, sex, age, occupation, education, marital status. An analysis of school ale youth and students, elderly and peasants is added. Possible sociological causes of relatively very high coefficients of suicide in the categories and in the region as a whole are indicated.

Marta Vodeb-Bonač

Marriages, Divorces, Children - What Tells us Statistics - Pg. 52

The data about marriages and divorces in Slovenia, in Yugoslavia and some other countries about children in broken families, about children, bom out of wedlock, about deadbom children are presented. Basic trends in these data are ascertained.

Metoda Mikuljan

Counseling and Psychotherapy with Wives of Alcoholics During the Reparation for Treatment - Pg. 75

It is ever still undesirable publicly to pose problems or actualize the counseling and psychotherapeutical work with wives of alcoholics. Even "between four walls" it is often only possible to handle these matters "with gloves on" and even so, many times there is no real result. It is often nearly inconceivable and unacceptable to the wife of an alcoholic that she should be looking into her own soul with self-criticism and that she should accept the understanding that both she and her husband-alcoholic must undergo change, because only than it is possible to reach an open and genuine relationship. For this reason both should be included in the treatment of alcoholism, as the goal of such treatment is restructuring of the family life.The purpose of counseling and psychotherapeutical work with wives of alcoholics is to bring these findings near in such a way, that the wives of alcoholics accept them inside on the basis of their own recognition and establishment (which might be a difficult and lengthy task).


Jožica Virk-Rode

A Selfhelp Group of Elderly - Pg. 83

Doris Erzar

The Program of Youth Counseling Service in Kranj - Pg. 85

Marjan Čonč

The Section for Out-of-family Education - Pg. 87

Tone Brejc

Conclusions of the Conference "The Crisis and the Employment of Handicapped" - Pg. 89

prevod: Vito Flaker

The World Declaration of Voluntary Work - Pg. 91


Srečo Dragoš

(Po)moč pri delu (K. Blanchard, N. V. Peale, Moč poštenega poslovanja, Mohorjeva družba, Celje 1990) - Pg. 94

Milko Poštrak

Despotism and Democracy (John Keane, Krt, Ljubljana 1990) - Pg. 96


Darja Zaviršek

Medicalization of Women (I. Vogt, Für alle Leiden gibt es eine Pille, Westdeutscher Verlag, Opladen 1985) - Pg. 98


List of Diploma Thesis - Pg. 104