Socialno delo is a peer-reviewed academic journal for social work with a long tradition (since 1957). Four issues are published per year. Articles in Slovenian ('socialno delo' means 'social work') or English are accepted and published. Prospective contributors should read guidelines for authors. The abstracts are processed for these databases: International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS), Sociological Abstracts, and EBSCO SocIndex with Full Text.

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Journal Socialno delo

ISSN 0352-7956


Faculty of Social Work, University of Ljubljana
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Editor in Chief

Vera Grebenc

Editorial Board

Srečo Dragoš (Faculty of Social Work)
Martina Kerec (Faculty of Social Work)
Nina Mešl (Faculty of Social Work)
Tamara Rape Žiberna (Faculty of Social Work)
Irena Šumi (Faculty of Social Work)
Mojca Urek (Faculty of Social Work)
Darja Zaviršek (Faculty of Social Work)

Senior Editor 

Borut Petrović Jesenovec

In memoriam

Jo Campling

Advisory Board

Gordana Berc
Lena Dominelli
Shirley Gabel Gaetano
Subhangi Herath
Duška Knežević Hočevar
Roman Kuhar
Chu-Li Julie Liu
Rea Maglajlić
Jana Mali
Theano Kallinikaki
Dragan Petrovec
Paula Pinto
Francka Premzl
Shula Ramon
Liljana Rihter
Alessandro Siccora
Lea Šugman Bohinc
Mirjana Ule


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