All scientific articles published in Socialno delo journal, are subject to a double-blind review process. The peer-review is carried out by two reviewers who cover the content area of ​​the article. The purpose of the peer-review is to ensure the appropriateness of the content and compliance of the text with the principles of scientific writing. Peer-reviewers should follow Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

The peer-review draws attention to the relevance of the content, the originality of the text, the observance of ethical principles, the adequacy of the scientific apparatus (IMRD structure), the relevance of the used sources and the appropriateness of the used professional terminology. The purpose of the peer-review is to eliminate content, language, and structural deficiencies and ensure the scientific excellence of the text.

When evaluating articles, peer-reviewers answer the questions in the form QUESTIONNAIRE The purpose of the form is to facilitate and unify the peer-review process.

When the peer-reviewer accepts an article for review, he/she determines whether the article falls within his/her area of ​​expertise and checks for the possible existence of a conflict of interest. Peer-reviewers must not have a conflict of interest with the authors and are obliged to inform the editors about this when they receive an article for peer-review.

The editor notifies the authors about the results of the peer-review, as a rule, one month after submission of the paper.

If the author does not agree with the peer-reviewer's opinion, he/she can withdraw the contribution or request that the case be decided by editor-in-chief, who can consult with the editorial board.

The editor reserves the right to edit the text in accordance with spelling rules.

The peer-review process is led by senior editor.