Open access policy and copyrights

Socialno delo Journal supports the idea of open access in science, including the idea of open access to research data used in scientific publications.


Open access to articles (text to be posted)


Research data

With open access to research data, better transperency and provability of findings presented in articles are enhanced. We ensure the collected data reach a level of aknowledged independent scienctific result, but above all, by allowing the collected data to be reused by researchers, the field of science is expanded.


Socialno delo Journal accepts the following principles and ways of accessing researh data:

Authors are encouraged to provide open access to their own research data used in their texts published in Socialno delo Journal. We recommend authors to publish research data in data repositories, centres or archives, in line with legislation and ethic criteria of their profession. We advise them to select among trustworthy domain-specific repositories that allow various regimes of access for different non-sensitive data, for example open access, access by registration, access for research purposes, access in secured conditions (through a safe link or in a safe room). In accordance with the national open access policy, we recommend publication in the following repositories: Repozitorij Univerze v Ljubljani, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives, a foreign repository in accordance with the financier's demands, Zenodo. If the mentioned repositories don't suit you, please try to use the Repository of Research Data Register: Registrom repozitorijev raziskovalnih podatkov.

Authors who in their contributions use the existing data sources, are obliged to cite them correctly. Citation of open access research data is defined by a repository or an archive where the data are available. For citing data, Socialno delo Journal recommends the method in line with APA citation style.

In double blind peer review, peer reviewers will be granted an access to research data only if relevant repository can assure the possiblity of anonimous or blind access.

If you have question, please refer to the editors: or the Library of the Faculty of Social Work


The submission of a manuscript implies that, should the manuscript be accepted for publication, the author assigns copyright to the Publisher while retaining the right to reuse the material, provided its publication in Socialno delo is acknowledged with full citation.